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Mondo Zen Process - Community Offering


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Mondo Zen Process - Community Offering

  • The Integral Center 2805 Broadway Boulder, CO, 80304 United States (map)

The Mondo Zen Koan Process is a guided exploration and transmission of the depths of your own mind. Through the meeting of our minds, we hope to point out some of the subtler aspects of your own awareness, and clarify the choice that you have always had. It is a distillation of the Koan system of traditional Zen, into the 16 Koans that have been updated for the post-post modern 21st century mind. 

This Process comes out of the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen tradition led Jun Po Roshi. Bu Nan has been authorized to facilitate this process by Jun Po, and is honored to go through this process with you. 

It consists of 16 Koans that we may or may not make it all the way through in one sitting. It is not important to make it all the way though in each session. What is important is that we directly realize, in each moment, the Clear Deep truth that this process reveals. This process is normally facilitated in a one on one basis, Bu Nan offers the invitation for all to come and be a part of this process. Whether witnessing, or participating, there is much to be gained in this exploration.