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Sunshine Springs Teahouse

Events held at Sunshine Springs Teahouse


Sunshine Springs Teahouse


What is it?

Sunshine Springs Teahouse is a very special space in the mountains above Boulder, Co. It’s a Japanese inspired teahouse, carved into the mountain side, and nestled right next to a fresh and free flowing mountain spring. It’s a place that was built with the idea of creating an exquisitely crafted structure that holds community, while being immersed in the rawness and wildness of nature. It is oriented towards holding space for contemplative practice, tea ceremony, and deeply intimate drop ins with friends, and soon to be friends. There are currently Contemplative Tea Ceremonies and Zazenkai’s (full days of tea and meditation), being held for people to attend and experience this very unique experience.

Continue below to read more about the offerings, and to reach out to reserve a spot.

Tea Ceremonies

We will be holding tea ceremonies periodically. The Contemplative Tea Ceremonies are public and welcome to whoever wishes to attend. There will occasionally be ceremonies aligned with full and new moons, equinoxes, solstices, and other nature oriented times of the year. Sitting for tea here is a lovely experience in the daytime and the nighttime.

Since the teahouse is a traditionally sized Japanese teahouse, we limit ceremonies to 6 people usually, to keep the ceremony both intimate and spacious. It is off-grid and quite a distance from the driveway that comes to the property.

If you would like to have a ceremony hosted for your small group at the teahouse, please contact us. These ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity to drop into a deeper space than our ordinary everyday world. They are a chance to come together in a beautiful space and connect with the moment and each other.

We are also able to bring a tea space to your personal or work events. If you are looking to bring a more contemplative offering to an event you are hosting, please contact us and arrangements can be made.

Flowing Mountain Zen Sangha

We are a Sangha in the Lineage of Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen. Our Zendo is located in the beautiful Sunshine Springs Teahouse in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. We are just 5 miles from the Heart of Boulder, but nestled in a beautiful spot that is far from civilization.

We have a wonderful opportunity to truly take our seats in the the vast, pristine spaciousness of the land that the Teahouse abides within. We take our seats in eloquent silence, and let the noise of the world fall away so we can be with what is here in this moment.

Our events include bi-weekly Zazenkai’s, or day long meditation retreats, bi-weekly Contemplative Tea Ceremonies, regularly occurring Mondo Zen process sessions, and community work days. As our community builds, we will build out more offerings as needed.

I hope you will join us as we build a solid and committed community of practice and support in this exquisite location. All of the events held by the Sangha can be found on the calendar below, and on the events page.

If you would like to have a meditation retreat hosted for your small group at the tea house, contact us and we can make arrangements.

If you have any questions, and to reserve your space at an event, please email Rev. Bu Nan Daiko at